An Interview with no last response.

An Interview with no last response.

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Hey there,
All my gorgeous readers.

I'm Gulshan Yadav (Which you know already). I want to walk you through my experience of my interview as a Flutter Intern in a Dubai Based Firm.

Hey but wait from where I got to know about this firm?

One of my friends from Flutter Mumbai shared that this company is looking for a Flutter intern, and they are ready to pay 30k INR to 80k INR depending on one's skills.

I was very nervous about that, should I apply for this internship role or not. Basically, I was not confident enough in my existing skill sets.

I raised this doubt that I don't have that kind of skill set may be, and my design skills were not that great, Then one of the members from Flutter Mumbai asked me to believe in myself and go apply for that internship.

Here's what exactly he said to me,

There's no loss in applying for an internship even if you have not got selected as an intern.
If you don't even apply for an Internship you won't be able to figure, How much you are capable of?

Basically he was asking to go check your Aukat(ability).
So this is where he motivated me to go start applying for internships.

Guess What?

This note from him actually made me to start applying for internships.

Firstly I applied for that lucrative looking internship, whose starting compensation starts from 30k INR.

They had a Google Form in which they asked some of the interesting questions, which were laborious for me to answer.

But I did answer those.
Here are the questions and answers I gave,

Please list or describe any achievements and prizes?

To keep track of my investments, I wanted a wallet application so that I wouldn't have to log into those official applications, again and again, to see how my investments are doing. Therefore I built an application for myself, which doesn't have any good looks. But it was my first application so I consider it a success because I learned a lot during the process.

If you have ever started a business, led an organization, or dedicated yourself to a major project, please describe the organization or project you started, your reason for starting it, and your role?

I started Buffer Overflow as a hobby project and spent some time learning and Building it. I wanted to learn the end-to-end process of development and maintenance and also learned about System Design.

Tell us about a risk youʼve taken or a challenge you've faced. Tell us whether you failed or succeeded, how you behaved, and how you think this reflects your character.

I began investing early and learned how to invest in cryptocurrencies and other technological fields. Even though I made a few poor choices, I ultimately gained valuable knowledge, which I consider more valuable than the returns I expected from my investments.

Since I haven't blown up all of my money on cryptocurrencies, this shows I know how to take calculated risks.

What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?

I want to become financially free, where I don't have to work for money. But rather money will work for me. And for achieving that goal, I am willing to give what it takes. I am learning every day, no matter how small that learning is, but I want that compounding effect in my life.

Tell us one thing about the world that you strongly believe is true, but that most people think is not true. If this belief shapes the way you live, tell us how.

I have a theory related to the ongoing Sars-Cov-2 virus. I recently came across some research about Permafrost Viruses. Permafrost stands for the soil that is bound by ice or the deep layers of Arctic soil. Research has shown some viable viruses in the permafrost in the Arctic region. Therefore, since we have no idea what the concrete source of COVID-19 is. Nonetheless, arctic cases have not been reported. It's just an assumption of mine when I came across this research. I'm not backing or citing any nation. But Since Everyone will disagree, I wanted to share my theory.

What questions do you spend the most time thinking about?

What will help me grow in my career? What is my passion?

Tell us why should we hire you? In 6 words

I'm an Ambitious Flutter Developer.

So there were my answers to the questions asked in the Google Form.
Then After this, I applied to many Institutions, through LinkedIn as a Flutter Intern. But I was selected in none.

It was a Stressful experience, so I later reached out to the person who motivated me to start applying for internships. He simply said, Don't think much, maybe they got the maximum number of interns or you don't have the right skills, So keep polishing your skills and be patient with the results.

So I kept working and learning.
And later on, I got a message from the CEO of the Dubai-based company firm I applied for.

The moment he reached out to me and asked about my experience and my skills.
I was cheerful and happy to share my experience and skills with him. He asked me to choose between an interview test or showcasing a working application of mine.

So I opted for showcasing my application.

He asked me to wait until he asks his developer to check if I'm eligible for being a Flutter Intern in his company or not.

4Hrs passed, There was no response from his side. All those happiness has been over. And I was downhearted, Thinking that Maybe I'm not good enough to be an intern.

But at Next day, I got a response from his side asking,

What compensation would you expect for an internship?

how many hours per day would you be available?

How many days a week can you work?


I responded that I would like to work for 5 Hrs per day and 5 days a week.

Then he asked me how much compensation I anticipate?

As the internship compensation starts from 30K - 80K INR as stated in the ads, I replied that I would expect around 30K INR.

He said Thanks! and left the conversation.

But later, when I opened YT for checking that what should be my answer to that question?

After watching this video, I was like, What the f*ck I did.

The person in the video says that this question is asked to generally eliminate you.

One should never say exact numbers in an interview question asking for expected salary or compensation.

I was anxious, If I will be eliminated.

After 2 Days, The CEO of that firm said,

The design of the login screen is not good enough.

We would like to check the design of the core part of your application, 
So can you bypass the login screen for now?

I generously said yes And bypassed the login screen and asked him to check the design.

God knows If he even gave me a moment to check the design or maybe he asked me this question to state that I have been eliminated.

Because if he really had any software DEV with him, he would have easily bypassed the login screen by simply doing some changes in the code to check how my design looks from the inside.

1 week passed with no response from his side and with a ton of emails, stating that sorry you have been rejected from this and this company. Keep working hard Bla Bla Bla...

I didn't have any guilt or sadness due to those emails stating that I'm not good enough, Because I already know that I'm not good enough.

The only thing which aching me was the indirect rejection.

After this happening or rejection, I learned and experienced something new.

I felt how terrible it feels falling from the fake highs.

I'm speaking about all those praising and lies. Oh my gosh, The design is very good, You are talented, You are this and this...

I came to know, that If you feel that your design is not good enough, Then yes It is not Good Enough.
It needs more work to stand out.

From this, I learned, That Never ever trust your Friends and Family regarding how your design looks like. Because they don't have any idea about the design right?

And They also don't want to hurt you stating that you are not good enough.

So How can we find if our design needs some work? I mean, we are not god right, to know if this is the greatest design ever made or not.

I joined some courses to learn how to design better.

I got to know about one really good question to ask friends and family members to get their valuable correct response, not the fake one.

It is,

Please let me know if you have any idea about the design of this application?

Let say you are the designer of this application, 
what would you do to make it better?

And That's how one can easily find out if the design is good enough or not with some valuable suggestions.

To those of you who want to know what How my application looks like, which I shared with that CEO,


After bypassing authentication.

I know it's too basic and It doesn't look great. And Probably showcasing this design for 30K INR doesn't make sense.

So I'm working now on my designs and learning daily.

Here's what I'm working on right now,


Portfolio design 2

What are those?
These are the portfolio ideas, and I'm still figuring them out. How to make them better or How to design better.
I even learned how to create logos, how to use Inkscape and other software.
And I'm looking forward to learning more so that I can be a better designer and no one will hesitate in paying 30K or more money for my work.

Thanks for reading :)
Be optimistic and keep learning.

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