Why I love you?

It's a difficult question to answer.

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Please don't bother, It's something different I tried.
I hope you will understand.

I love you, I love you because I felt that you were the person I want to be with.
I know I am not perfect, I know I don't have those six-pack abs or muscles, I know I am not the best programmer, I don't belong to a rich family and I don’t have a lucrative job either.

I know you may think, what an idiot or what kind of loser I am.

You may also think how desperate I am. But no, I am currently sitting at a corner in my home, and figuring out what to do now?

So, I thought why not listen to some of the feelings inside my limbic brain.

I know you don't know what is limbic brain?

My idiot

It is a part of the brain which handles feelings of love, fear, envy, etc. It gives us the irrational answers for something like, why is this person correct for me? Why does this matter? and all sorts of peculiar feelings which you can't answer.

Though, you can't convert those thoughts and feelings inside the limbic brain to words.
It is the brain that thinks irrationally.
So whenever there's true love, one can't express those feelings in words.
I bet you that you can never answer the question that why do you love me? if there's true love from your side.
Though one can, it's a difficult task.

  • I know there was nothing from your side, but ya my love was immense for you.
  • I used to face lots of difficulties defining why I love you?
  • When I was in love with you, I don't know how but this hardworking or rude person wanted to spend his all-time with you.
  • I wanted to hug you so that I can feel the heart beating inside you. I want to watch the whole world inside your eyes. I want to stare at you all the time while sleeping, while you are angry with me.

I don't know, but I conceive that you will be very cute when you are angry with me.

I love those imaginations for you. Those imaginations drive my love for you as crazy as they can.

I was an idiot lover, who wanted a lovely life with you.

And due to this love, you may think that I may destroy my life.

If you think so then yaa.

My rational mind usually says this to me many times in a day. That's my neocortex brain, which handles all the rational thoughts.
And due to this brain only, there comes a sense of doubt. I don't know how to fix this. But yaa I am trying.

  • I am trying to love myself more and more every day which I didn't.
  • I am trying to change my every thought into reality.
  • I am trying to focus on my learning.

What I am not trying is,

Feeling sad that you left me for no reason.

And I thank you that you left me, I overlooked myself and now I am trying to find myself.

What am I doing right now??

No, I am not sad or feeling lonely that I am writing this article for you.

Then why am I writing this?

I am trying to express my love for you in words. And this thing is actually making me smile.

Do I still love you?

Maybe yes or no, But I love the person I conceived in my brain. My friends told me that it was a phase of my life. All these youtube videos are saying that I am getting trained for the perfect person I deserve.

Who knows what's going to happen in the future. Maybe it's you, or not.
Currently, I am feeling happy after writing all this.
Let the time decide the course ( that's what I said to myself for not feeling sad due to this broken heart. )

I hope you are doing well. I don't know If I should publish this article or not. I don't know how people are going to judge me.
But I read a book named The stubble art of not giving a F*** So maybe I should publish this article.

Or maybe I shouldn't.

Ahh, It's so difficult for me to press that publish button. XD

So if you were reading this article, then it means that I clicked the publish button ( it's 7th June now, when I am writing this article ). Hey you all nasty readers, don't you dare to judge me. (ROFL)(Just Kidding)

Your Ranjha,

For my fellow readers,

Are you still here?
I am glad.

What did you learn from this post?

Something related to the part of our brains that controls our rational and irrational thoughts. That means you didn't waste your time reading or listening to this article. Kudos!

Cya :)

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